Meeting in Tuscany, the sweet history

In a warm summer evening, we were contacted by a chef of a wonderful villa, situated on the Tuscan hills, in order to prepare a cake for the birthday of the son of very special guests. Therefore, after having carefully prepared it, we went to the place where the cake should be delivered to the chef, who took the chance to introduce us to his special guests. Everyone was favorably astonished by the beauty of this cake. Hence we began to speak about the way we had prepared it, the pursuit for the best ingredients, generally used in all our creations, but mostly about the passion for our job.It was by chance that also these couple were pastry chefs, very famous in London. This speech about our job and the different range of products we realize, brought us to talk about our “panettone”. Our aim to prepare the “panettone” in a traditional way, only with very special ingredients, all coming from the area nearby, arouse so much interest in them, that they invited us to go to the villa once again, with our “panettoni”, because they wanted to taste them before going back home. And this happened. Once we arrived at our pastry workshop, we prepared the mixtures and after 3 days, we managed to bring them “panettoni” just cooked from oven. After they had tasted them, their comments were: “At last the “panettone” we have been looking for long since….” This meeting was very important for us, because it proved that the continuous research and passion we put in our job are full rewarded, still pushing us to follow our way.

Pasticceria Cavalletti – Emanuele e Lorenzo