We have chosen the best ones

We discovered Paolo’s egg…..An extraordinary egg for a product, where eggs are the basic ingredient.

Our continuous pursuit for good but mostly genuine products, with a different taste from the standard usual ones, pushed up to step back and discover again row materials, prepared as it once was, slowly and hardly in the countryside. Only in this way we have succeeded to find again the real flavors of basic ingredients. And here comes the choice of the Paolo Parisi’s eggs: Leghorn hens bred outdoors, with creativity, sacrifice, a lot of will and something crazy, which, also thanks to an extraordinary insight on their integrated method of feeding from goat’s milk, made them eggs never existed before, definitely the best eggs in the world. And then we wonder if they taste of eggs…….

Agrimontana company, is a family composed by natural descendants of the founder, by company workers, technicians and sales personnel, by farmers, suppliers, experts using the products, by those who taste and enjoy the work of an entire supply chain. It is a company dedicated to preserve the original organoleptic qualities, by clean work, no food coloring, preservatives and any additive synthesis. Navel oranges and Diamond citrons are all treasures processed by Agrimontana with passion and delicacy.

Founded in 1997, Domori was created by the artistic mind and passion for gastronomy and cocoa of its founder. What may seem an easy way to produce chocolate, is actually a real journey to deeply search for the perfect flavor, symbol of absolute quality. In every stage of production it is aimed at preserving the natural aroma of the best selected beans. Cocoa Sur del Lago 72%, is a mix of trinitarian cocoa, coming from selected Venezuelan plantations of a few hectares.

Pasticceria Cavalletti – Emanuele e Lorenzo