Since 1990 a great tradition

The line “Pasticceria Cavalletti” was born thanks to my mother passion, who decided to make her dreams come true 25 years ago, opening a small bakery, where she prepared sweets and biscuits, only using first quality genuine ingredients, as if she would prepare them for her loved ones. This idea to prepare excellent completely homemade products, has given us so many profits, that the pastry shop is going on preparing the same cookies with the very same receipts and care, thanks to the quality our mother has succeeded to impart to all the staff.

Production is limited only to some products, just to keep always quality to the top, both in the used row materials and in the production procedure. Our risen products are prepared with sourdough, respecting the long-time natural rising; first of all the “panettone” which needs 72 hours of slow and wise preparation.

We do want this ancient experience and passion to be found in every single product, so that our customer can taste an extraordinary flavor and a pleasant sensation of Made in Italy. Ours is a small family business, where you can still feel the smell of homemade good things, the same as the ancient one, spread all around the woo-burning ovens of old farmhouses, in the beautiful hills of our Tuscany.

Pasticceria Cavalletti – Emanuele e Lorenzo